Envision: April 2017

Welcome to the second edition of Envision. In this issue we share our insights from our fantastic trip to SXSW. Our observations combined with your feedback continue to expand our thinking about the future of FinTech. Check out our Portfolio Updates, Industry News and information on our 2nd Annual Investor Event. As always, please continue to tell us how we are doing in providing you with valuable insights and fresh ideas.

Insights by Vestigo Ventures

Vestigo Ventures Goes to SXSW in Austin to Learn the Latest About FinTech

From the GP’s

Dave was at the X Prize Innovation board trip while Mark, Ian and Mike attended SXSW. Great to see Dave bringing that broad perspective to Vestigo and to our invested companies.


To open our eyes and network with a wide range of people, off the Vestigo team went to SXSW in March. Myself, Ian, Mike and our wives spent four days absorbing new ideas and experiences. Austin puts on an impressive show of force for this event.

SXSW FinTech Keynote Panel

By attending gatherings, like the FinTech Luminaries, and various panel sessions at SXSW, we were able to gain great insights on the FinTech space from others in our field.

What Struck Me

We asked Lynn Sheridan what struck her about the events and sessions she attended at SXSW. This account is a wonderful peek into the diversity of insights and ideas that are available to attendees.

Observations of a Newbie at SXSW

While attending SXSW, I had three epiphanies related to robo advice for wealth management that came from various demos presented by start-ups to panels of VC’s and corporate types looking at the space from a lens of disruption.


Vestigo Ventures Invites You to a Fintech Experience

Please save the date, June 14th, 2017, for our 2nd Annual Investor Event. Join us for an evening to learn and mingle with Vestigo Ventures, Limited Partners, our portfolio companies, and unique speakers from the FinTech industry.

Save the Date: 2nd Annual Boston Financial Services/FinTech Leadership Review

Wednesday, June 7th  – 9:15 – Noon, Downtown location TBA • Please join Bob Reynolds, Mike Fanning, Chris Oddleifson and other Council leaders for this important milestone public event for the Council and the Boston FinTech Collaborative. Click here to read more.

Portfolio Updates

Netcapital has Announced A New Way To Fund and Invest In Startup Companies

We have seen NetCapital’s platform start to generate captial for start-ups.  They announced their services in February.  Since then they have done two successful fund raisers for Court Innovations and Lawrence Hunt.

VestmarkONE® Robo Solution Wins 2017 BISA Technology Innovation Award

Vestmark provides Separately Managed Account (SMA) technology and services for the financial services industry.

Industry News

What Makes this the Hottest Class at MIT?

The hottest class at MIT is in line with what Dave has done at Cogo Labs and now with Vestigo-mining big data for insight.

Redrawing the Lines: FinTech’s growing influence on Financial Services

PWC did a review of how large companies are working with start-ups. Mark Casady spoke about this topic at the MIT FinTech Conference on April 22 at the Media Lab.

What These Wealthy Entrepreneurs are Doing Instead of Retiring

Enjoyed reading this piece from the NYPost about how others define Life 2.0.

Check out Amy Webb’s The Signals Are Talking

A book recommendation from our SXSW experience.

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