Envision: May 2017

In this issue, we focus on exploring user interfaces and the user experience as a fundamental way that technology is changing in financial services. We have seen so many user experience improvements in the way information, workflow and activity enhances our mobile devices, that we need to be sure similar design elements are built into our FinTech solutions. Consumers expect the same experience from all their applications, whether mobile, Saas, or on-premise. If the user experience is not done well the difference is obvious — and products will not succeed.  This is why the idea of creating a user experience that causes your thumbs to stomp a “like button” because it is so good is key.

It’s hard to believe we are already on our third edition of Envisions. Thanks for the feedback — keep it coming!

Thumb Stomping

Issue 3 – MIT FinTech Club Event

What is a Petabyte? From the GP’s

We were recently discussing the incredible advantages we have at Vestigo with our access to Cogo Labs internet database and we wanted to give you a perspective on what that means.

Sharing Experience @ MIT FinTech Conference

Imagine a room filled with MIT Sloan graduate and PHD students along with an impressive list of FinTech experts. Now imagine Mark presenting to this world at the MIT Third Annual FinTech conference about wealth management. Mark used the opportunity to discuss how wealth management is changing, as well as how large financial institutions and start-ups are working together.

Road Trip to Tiburon

Vestigo was invited to speak on a panel at the recent Tiburon CEO Summit lead by Rob Klapprodt CEO of Vestmark. One of Vestigo’s premier portfolio companies, Vestmark is a leading SaaS provider of comprehensive unified wealth management for financial advisors and institutions. The Tiburon CEO Summit is a unique conference for a select cross-industry group of senior executives who discuss a broad range of issues on the future of the banking, insurance, brokerage, and investment management.

You Say You Want a Revolution???

Founding Bison taught me many lessons on how to engage users. After many attempts to get the data (we served very time compressed investors) in a format that our community loved, I can tell you it’s tough. User experience is key but the path to developing a great user experience involves a lot of trial and error. It’s not so much a revolution but rather a rotation of ideas and formats until you get positive interactions with the data.

Insights from Jarrett Lilien from our Advisory Board

User experience is one of the most overlooked areas within retail financial services and one of the most significant opportunities.


Save the Date: 2nd Annual Boston Financial Services/FinTech Leadership Review

Wednesday, June 7th  – 9:15 – Noon, Downtown location TBA
Please join Bob Reynolds, Mike Fanning, Chris Oddleifson and other Council leaders for this important milestone public event for the Council and the Boston FinTech Collaborative. Click here to read more.

Vestigo Ventures Invites You to a FinTech Experience

Please save the date, June 14th, 2017, for our 2nd Annual Investor Event. Join us for an evening to learn and mingle with Vestigo Ventures, Limited Partners, our portfolio companies, and unique speakers from the FinTech industry.

View the agenda here.

Portfolio Updates

Vestigo Ventures Portfolio Company Netcapital Offical Funding Platform for TechCrunch

Agreement demonstrates power of streamlined funding process

Vestigo Ventures Portfolio Company, Vestmark, Named to Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2017

The Boston Business Journal recognized the SaaS provider of Unified Wealth Management® solutions for cultivating an exceptional work environment.

Industry News

Top 10 UI/UX Design Trends in 2017

An entire people in the technology world has been completely utilized an advanced technology and searched lots to do an easy and effective task.

Making SEO and UX Work Together

While traditional marketing, social media and content strategies can raise awareness about your product, so too can designing an experience that aligns with SEO and performs well in search engine rankings.

Creating A More Human Conversational UX: Lessons From Google

“Find your happy path”–and more tips for building voice interactions that feel natural and authentic.

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