Envision: June 2017

We had a fantastic turnout for our annual gathering. It was great to see our LP’s and so many friends of the firm.

We accomplished what we had hoped for — random acts of connection. Bringing a diverse audience together like this fosters ideas and innovation in new and unexpected ways.

The speaker line up was well reviewed and many in attendance mentioned how much they learned about data, software tools and the accomplishments of our portfolio company management teams. Our signature whiskey and rum cocktails  certainly didn’t hurt the mood of  the evening!

Thanks to all who attended and for those who didn’t get the opportunity —  get ready for our next event!

Mark & Dave

Random Connections: ACCOMPLISHED

$1MM Ticket To Nowhere – Part 1

One million dollars does not get you very far these days. Whether from capital raised from investors or by meeting revenue goals, the $1MM milestone is really just a ticket to nowhere. There have always been and always will be a handful of companies that build something absolutely amazing and achieve great things with little to no money to prop them up. However, there has always been and will always will be a far greater number of companies that take in a ton of investor capital and ultimately achieve very little or flame out.

T3 A Discussion On Change

Vestigo had a unique opportunity to speak at the T3 conference after receiving an invitation from a member of our advisory board, Andy Putterman.  T3 is the leading practice management and technology conference for independent and hybrid financial advisors, produced by Joel Bruckenstein.

The Connected Investor/New Expectations for Finance

Over the past 30 years, tremendous wealth has been created in the United States as American workers have become savers, investors, and now, retirees. This growth has stemmed from a rapid proliferation of actively-managed mutual funds, supported by quarterly reporting to balance forward transaction platforms to ETFs traded in real-time.

The Direct Retail Channel: High Potential for Future Growth

by Advisory Board Member George Wilbanks
In our work with more innovative clients, we’re seeing a growing interest among larger retail investment firms in developing robo advice platforms to support high-touch, call center-based financial advisors.

What Can We Learn From Cuba?

We most recently travelled to Havana, Cuba for the first time. Talk about the impact of technology (or lack there of!) User interfaces are much different in the context of such a place. At dinner or lunch, you actually have to speak and interact face-to-face as smart phones are so expensive to use and are even illegal for the locals.


Summary from June 14th Event

“Come to Kendall.”
Over the past couple of months, this has been our siren call to Vestigo investors both existing and prospective, and advisory board members and friends. If you answered the call, you can count yourself part of an engaged group that now has at least a basic education on the technology trends changing our industry, such as big data and social media selling, as well as insight on the progress of Vestigo and our portfolio companies. Lots of smiles and perhaps a tasty cocktail (thanks to American Liquor Company of Boston) was enjoyed by many. Here’s a quick recap for those who missed it.

Industry News

If Banks Wait for APIs to be Mandated, it Will be Too Late

Users want more control over their data and more seamless integration with their financial tools. Banks and credit unions cannot wait for a regulation like PSD2 to move forward.

Would You Trust a Robot?

HSBC’s Trust in Technology report, based on a survey of more than 12,000 people, examines attitudes towards digital tools in 11 countries around the world.

Blockchain Growth Rate: IBM Exec Sees ‘Chasm of Death’

Blockchain is a technology that will transform everything from the finance industry to global supply chains, and the companies that build it will get very rich. But not all of them.

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